Definitions of generic CAN interface. More...

Detailed Description

Definitions of generic CAN interface.

Vincent Dupont

Definition in file raw.h.

#include "can/can.h"
#include "can/raw.h"
#include "mbox.h"
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Data Structures

struct  conn_can_raw
 RAW CAN connection. More...


#define CONN_CAN_RAW_MBOX_SIZE   (16)
 Mailbox size of a conn_can_raw_t.


typedef struct conn_can_raw conn_can_raw_t
 RAW CAN connection.


int conn_can_raw_create (conn_can_raw_t *conn, struct can_filter *filter, size_t count, int ifnum, int flags)
 Create can connection socket. More...
int conn_can_raw_close (conn_can_raw_t *conn)
 Close can connection socket. More...
int conn_can_raw_recv (conn_can_raw_t *conn, struct can_frame *frame, uint32_t timeout)
 Generic can receive. More...
int conn_can_raw_send (conn_can_raw_t *conn, const struct can_frame *frame, int flags)
 Generic can send. More...
int conn_can_raw_set_filter (conn_can_raw_t *conn, struct can_filter *filter, size_t count)
 Set raw CAN filters. More...

flags values

#define CONN_CAN_DONTWAIT   (1)
 Do not wait for Tx confirmation when sending.
#define CONN_CAN_RECVONLY   (2)
 Do not send anything on the bus.