eic.h File Reference

Imagination Technologies MIPS32R2 Common implementation. More...

Detailed Description

Imagination Technologies MIPS32R2 Common implementation.

API for supporting External Interrupt Controllers (EIC mode)

Neil Jones neil..nosp@m.jone.nosp@m.s@img.nosp@m.tec..nosp@m.com

Definition in file eic.h.

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typedef void(* external_isr_ptr_t) (void)
 External ISR callback.
void set_external_isr_cb (int vecNum, external_isr_ptr_t cbFunc)
 Set External ISR callback.
void eic_configure_priority (int vecNum, int priority, int subpriority)
 Configure interrupt priority. More...
void eic_enable (int vecNum)
 Enable interrupt. More...
void eic_disable (int vecNum)
 Disable interrupt. More...
void eic_clear_flag (int vecNum)
 Clear interrupt flag. More...

Function Documentation

◆ eic_clear_flag()

void eic_clear_flag ( int  vecNum)

Clear interrupt flag.


◆ eic_configure_priority()

void eic_configure_priority ( int  vecNum,
int  priority,
int  subpriority 

Configure interrupt priority.


◆ eic_disable()

void eic_disable ( int  vecNum)

Disable interrupt.


◆ eic_enable()

void eic_enable ( int  vecNum)

Enable interrupt.