Internal GNRC-specific types and function definitions. More...

Detailed Description

Internal GNRC-specific types and function definitions.

Martine Lenders

Definition in file gnrc_sock_internal.h.

#include <stdbool.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "mbox.h"
#include "net/af.h"
#include "net/gnrc.h"
#include "net/gnrc/netreg.h"
#include "net/iana/portrange.h"
#include "net/sock/ip.h"
#include "sock_types.h"
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Data Structures

struct  gnrc_sock_recv_aux_t
 Structure to retrieve auxiliary data from gnrc_sock_recv. More...
 Minimum port number in the dynamic portrange.
 Maximum port number in the dynamic portrange.
 Available ports in the range for dynamic source port allocation.
 Error value indicating that no free port could be found in the dynamic port range.
 Timestamp valid.
static bool gnrc_af_not_supported (int af)
 Internal helper functions for GNRC. More...
static bool gnrc_ep_addr_any (const sock_ip_ep_t *ep)
 Check if end point points to any address.
static void gnrc_ep_set (sock_ip_ep_t *out, const sock_ip_ep_t *in, size_t in_size)
 Initializes a sock end-point from a given and sets the network interface implicitly if there is only one potential interface.
void gnrc_sock_create (gnrc_sock_reg_t *reg, gnrc_nettype_t type, uint32_t demux_ctx)
 Create a sock internally.
ssize_t gnrc_sock_recv (gnrc_sock_reg_t *reg, gnrc_pktsnip_t **pkt, uint32_t timeout, sock_ip_ep_t *remote, gnrc_sock_recv_aux_t *aux)
 Receive a packet internally.
ssize_t gnrc_sock_send (gnrc_pktsnip_t *payload, sock_ip_ep_t *local, const sock_ip_ep_t *remote, uint8_t nh)
 Send a packet internally.

Function Documentation

◆ gnrc_af_not_supported()

static bool gnrc_af_not_supported ( int  af)

Internal helper functions for GNRC.

Checks if address family is not supported

Definition at line 93 of file gnrc_sock_internal.h.