phyWAVE-KW22 Board

Support for the phyWAVE evaluation board. More...

Detailed Description

Support for the phyWAVE evaluation board.


Designed and produced by PHYTEC Messtechnik GmbH, D-55129 Mainz. Homepage | Ordering information via mail at


The Phytec IoT wiki describes the phyWAVE module and the phyNODE board more detailed. The links below will guide you directly to the corresponding chapter: Overview Introduction Hardware descriptions for the phyWAVE and the phyNODE Toolchain, build and debug Information A detailed step-by-step Guide that explains how to set up the Environment The implementation status of the phyWAVE and phyNODE peripherals are listed below. You can find links to the corresponding Pull Requests which may give you a code reference.

phyNODE board with equipped phyWAVE-KW2x processor/radio-module.


The PCB-pieces with the mounted sensors can be separated from the evaluation board to capture sensor values from specific spatial points.

Pinout reference

Implementation Status

Device ID Supported Comments
MCU MKW22D512 yes mainline
phyWAVE board support phyWAVE yes mainline
Low-level driver GPIO yes mainline
PWM yes mainline
UART yes mainline
I2C yes mainline
SPI yes mainline
USB-Device yes WIP
RTT yes mainline
RNG yes mainline
Timer yes mainline
Radio Chip integrated yes mainline
Humidity Sensor HDC1000 yes mainline
Pressure Sensor MPL3115A2 yes mainline
Tri-axis Accelerometer MMA8652FC yes mainline
Magnetometer MAG3110FCR1 yes mainline
Light Sensor TCS3772 yes mainline
IR-Termopile Sensor TMP006 yes mainline
Capacitive Button PCB no planned


file  board.h
 Board specific definitions for the phyWAVE evaluation board.
file  gpio_params.h
 Board specific configuration of direct mapped GPIOs.
file  periph_conf.h