Support for the Phytec PhyNODE KW41Z Board. More...

Detailed Description

Support for the Phytec PhyNODE KW41Z Board.


The Phytec PhyNODE-KW41Z board is a development platform based on the PhyWAVE-KW41z wireless module (populated with NXP Semiconductor Kinetis KW41Z microcontroller).

It provides a radio device with Bluetooth Low Energy and/or IEEE 802.15.4.

There's also available an HDL1010 High Accuracy Digital Humidity sensor, a CCS811 IAQ gas sensor, a MMA8652FC accelerometer and a TCS37727 RGB Light sensor.

There board also provides an SSD1673 Active Matrix EPD 150x200 Display Driver with Controller on board.


Flash the board

To flash the board using OpenOCD:

  1. Use BOARD=phynode-kw41z with the make command.
    Example with hello-world application:
    make BOARD=phynode-kw41z -C examples/hello-world flash term

Current support

The TCS37727 RGB Light sensor, the MMA8652FC accelerometer and the CCS811 digital gas sensor are supported. There's ongoing work on IEEE802.15.4 radio support for KW41Z


file  phynode-kw41z/include/board.h
 Board specific definitions for the USB-KW41Z.
file  boards/phynode-kw41z/include/periph_conf.h