Sensor Device Drivers

Drivers for external sensors. More...

Detailed Description

Drivers for external sensors.

Most of these drivers will be connected over some bus or serial connection to the MCU.


 AD7746 Capacitance-to-digital converter driver
 I2C Capacitance-to-digital converter with temperature and voltage sensors.
 ADCXX1C ADC device driver
 I2C Analog-to-Digital Converter device driver.
 ADS101x/111x ADC device driver
 I2C Analog-to-Digital Converter device driver.
 ADT7310 SPI temperature sensor
 Driver for the Analog Devices ADT7310 temperature sensor.
 ADXL345 3-Axis accelerometer
 Device driver interface for the ADXL345.
 AT30TSE75x temperature sensor with EEPROM
 The connection between the MCU and the AT30TSE75x is based on the I2C-interface.
 Atmel IO1 Xplained Extension board
 Device driver interface for the Atmel IO1 Xplained extension.
 BH1750FVI Light Sensor
 Driver for the Rohm BH1750FVI ambient light sensor.
 BMP180 temperature and pressure sensor
 Device driver interface for the BMP180 sensor.
 BMP280/BME280 temperature, pressure and humidity sensor
 Device driver interface for the Bosch BMP280 and BME280 sensors.
 BMX055 9-axis sensor
 Device driver for the Bosch BMX055 9-axis sensor.
 CCS 811 digital gas sensor
 Device Driver for AMS CCS 811 digital gas sensor for monitoring Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
 DHT Family of Humidity and Temperature Sensors
 Device driver for the DHT Family of humidity and temperature sensors.
 DS1307 RTC
 Device drive interface for the DS1307 real-time clock.
 DS18 temperature sensor driver
 Driver interface for the DS18 temperature sensors.
 DS3234 Extremely Accurate SPI RTC
 Driver for Maxim DS3234 Extremely Accurate SPI Bus RTC with Integrated Crystal and SRAM.
 FXOS8700 3-axis accelerometer/magnetometer
 Driver for the FXOS8700 3-axis accelerometer/magnetometer.
 HDC1000 Humidity and Temperature Sensor
 Driver for the TI HDC1000 Humidity and Temperature Sensor.
 HIH6130 humidity and temperature sensor
 Device driver for Honeywell HumidIcon Digital Humidity/Temperature Sensors: HIH-6130/6131 Series.
 INA220 current/power monitor
 Device driver for Texas Instruments INA220 High or Low Side, Bi-Directional CURRENT/POWER MONITOR with Two-Wire Interface.
 ISL29020 light sensor
 Device driver for the ISL29020 light sensor.
 ISL29125 RGB light sensor
 Device driver for the ISL29125 RGB light sensor.
 JC42 compliant temperature sensor driver
 JC42 compliant temperature sensor driver.
 L3G4200D gyroscope
 Device driver for the L3G4200D gyroscope.
 Device driver interface for the LC709203F Battery Fuel Gauge.
 LIS2DH12 Accelerometer
 Driver for the STM LIS2DH12 accelerometer.
 LIS3DH accelerometer
 Device driver for the LIS3DH accelerometer.
 LIS3MDL 3-axis magnetometer
 Device driver for the LIS3MDL 3-axis magnetometer.
 LPS331AP/LPS25HB/LPS22HB Pressure Sensors Driver
 Device driver for the LPSXXX pressure sensor family (LPS331AP/LPS25HB/LPS22HB)
 LSM303DLHC 3D accelerometer/magnetometer
 Device driver for the LSM303DLHC 3D accelerometer/magnetometer.
 LSM6DSL 3D accelerometer/gyroscope
 Device driver for the LSM6DSL 3D accelerometer/gyroscope.
 LTC4150 coulomb counter
 Driver for the Linear Tech LTC4150 Coulomb Counter (a.k.a.
 MAG3110 3-Axis Digital Magnetometer
 Driver for the Freescale MAG3110 magnetometer.
 MMA7660 Accelerometer
 Driver for the Freescale MMA7660 3-Axis accelerometer.
 MMA8x5x Accelerometer
 Driver for the Freescale MMA8x5x 3-Axis accelerometer.
 MPL3115A2 Pressure Sensor
 Driver for the Freescale MPL3115A2 pressure sensor.
 MPU-9150 accelerometer/magnetometer/gyroscope
 Device driver interface for the MPU-9150.
 MQ-3 Alcohol Tester
 Device driver for the MQ-3 alcohol sensor.
 Maxim DS75LX temperature sensor
 Device driver interface for the Maxim DS75LX temperature sensor.
 PIR Motion Sensor
 Device driver interface for the PIR motion sensor.
 Pulse counter
 GPIO based pulse counting driver.
 SDS011 Laser Dust Sensor
 Driver SDS011 Laser Dust Sensor.
 SHT10/SHT11/SHT15 Humidity and Temperature Sensor
 Driver for Sensirion SHT10/SHT11/SHT15 Humidity and Temperature Sensor.
 Device driver interface for the SHT2X sensor.
 SHT3x Humidity and Temperature Sensor Series
 Device Driver for Sensirion SHT30/SHT31/SHT35 Humidity and Temperature Sensors.
 SRF02 ultrasonic range sensor
 Driver for the SRF02 ultrasonic range sensor.
 SRF08 ultrasonic range sensor
 Driver for the SRF08 ultrasonic range sensor.
 ST HTS221 digital Humidity Sensor
 Driver for the ST HTS221 digital Humidity Sensor.
 Si1145/6/7 UV/Ambient light/Proximity sensors
 Device driver for the Si1145/6/7 sensors family.
 Si7006/13/20/21 temperature and humidity sensors
 Driver for the Si7006/13/20/21 temperature and humidity sensor.
 TCS37727 RGB Light Sensor
 Driver for the AMS TCS37727 Color Light-To-Digital Converter.
 TMP006/TMP007 Infrared Thermopile Sensor
 Driver for the Texas Instruments TMP00X sensor.
 TSL2561 illuminance sensor
 Device driver interface for the illuminance TSL2561 sensor.
 TSL4531x Illuminance sensor
 Device driver for the AMS TSL4531 sensor.
 VCNL4010/VCNL4020/VCNL4040 Proximity and Ambient Light Sensors
 Device driver interface for the VCNL40X0 Proximity and Ambient Light Sensors.
 VEML6070 UV sensor
 Device driver interface for the VEML6070 UV sensor.
 pH OEM sensor device driver
 Device driver for Atlas Scientific pH OEM sensor with SMBus/I2C interface.
 srf04 ultra sonic range finder
 Device driver for the srf04 ultra sonic range finder.


file  ds18_internal.h
 Internal addresses, registers, constants for DS1822 and DS18B20 temperature sensors.