System library contains tools and utilities that make RIOT an actual operating system. More...

Detailed Description

System library contains tools and utilities that make RIOT an actual operating system.


 5x5 Font 'Mineplex'
 The Mineplex font for containing 5x5 pixel ASCII characters.
 Analog data conversion utilities
 Utility functions for converting analog data samples.
 Arduino in RIOT.
 Auto initialize modules.
 Framework for running simple runtime benchmarks.
 Binary coded decimal
 Library to de- and encode binary coded decimals.
 Bitfields of arbitrary length.
 Bloom filter
 Bloom filter library.
 C++11 wrapper for RIOT
 drop in replacement to enable C++11-like thread, mutex and condition_variable
 C25519 cryptographic library
 Curve25519 and Ed25519 for low-memory systems.
 Callback multiplexer
 cb_mux provides utilities for storing, retrieving, and managing callback information in a singly linked list.
 The color sys module supports handling RGB and HSV color.
 Colored log module
 This module implements a logging module with colored output.
 RIOT provides a collection of block cipher ciphers, different operation modes and cryptographic hash algorithms.
 A collection of error correction code (ECC) algorithms.
 EEPROM registration
 eepreg provides a facility to easily manage the locations of data stored in EEPROM via a meta-data registry.
 Event Queue
 Provides an Event loop.
 File systems
 File system libraries.
 A collection of hash algorithms.
 Helpers to manipulate partitions (slots) on internal flash
 ISR Pipe
 ISR -> userspace pipe.
 Interrupt handler thread
 Single thread for handling interrupts that may trigger blocking functions and therefore may only be called in thread context.
 Layered PM Infrastructure
 This module provides a base infrastructure that MCU's may use to implement periph/pm.
 Lightweight Morse encoder
 Provides slim Morse encoding functionality.
 Lightweight compression library
 Provides a lightweight compression library to RIOT.
 Locally Unique ID Generator
 Generate system wide (locally) unique IDs.
 Math libraries and utilities
 Provides math libraries and utilities for RIOT.
 Memory management
 Provides memory management implementations and utilities.
 Millisecond interval event timers
 Provides timers for events up to $2^{32}$ milliseconds in the future.
 NanoCBOR library
 CBOR encoder and decoder library for tiny devices.
 Object dump
 Allows to print out data dumps of memory regions in hexadecimal or/and ASCII representation.
 POSIX wrapper for RIOT
 POSIX header files.
 Show list with all threads.
 Generic data container for physical data and utility functions.
 Pipe IPC
 Generic pipe implementation.
 RFC 4122 compliant UUID's
 Provides RFC 4122 compliant UUID's.
 RIOT header helpers and tools
 The header contains.
 Pseudo Random Number Generator (PRNG)
 SAUL registry
 Global sensor/actuator registry for SAUL devices.
 SRAM based physically unclonable function (PUF)
 STDIO abstraction
 Simple standard input/output (STDIO) abstraction for RIOT.
 STDIO mapping for running the STDIO over SEGGER's RTT interface.
 Standard input/output backend using UART.
 When including this module scheduler statistics (schedstat_t) for a thread will be updated on every sched_run().
 Lightweight semaphore implementation.
 Utilities for data serialization.
 Simple shell interpreter.
 Shell commands
 Stack Smashing Protector
 Stack Smashing protector.
 String formatting (fmt)
 Provides simple string formatting functions.
 Test interactive synchronization
 Utility function for synchronizing before a test.
 Thread safe ringbuffer
 Thread-safe ringbuffer implementation.
 Provides a high level timer module to register timers, get current system time, and let a thread sleep for a certain amount of time.
 Timestamp representation, computation, and conversion.
 Trickle Timer
 Implementation of a generic Trickle Algorithm (RFC 6206)
 TweetNaCl high-security cryptographic library
 Provides the TweetNaCl high-security cryptographic library.
 Configuration defines for USB peripheral devices.
 Ultra-lightweight Javascript for Internet Of Things
 Provides Javascript support for RIOT.
 RIOT Unittests based on the EmbUnit Framework.
 Universal Address Container
 universal address container
 Virtual File System (VFS) layer
 Provides an interface for accessing files and directories from different devices and file systems.
 iolist scatter / gather IO
 Provides linked-list scatter / gather IO.
 puts log module
 This module implements an example logging module.
 Small and Secure Digital Signatures with Curve-based Diffie-Hellman Key Pairs.
 riotboot flash writer
 unaligned memory access methods
 Provides functions for safe unaligned memory accesses.
 Basic linked list operation definitions.