i2c_conf_t Struct Reference

I2C configuration options. More...

Detailed Description

I2C configuration options.

Structure for I2C configuration data.

I2C (TWI) configuration options.

I2C configuration structure.

I2C configuration structure type.

I2C device configuration.

Definition at line 128 of file periph_cpu.h.

#include <periph_cpu.h>

Data Fields

i2c_speed_t speed
 baudrate used for the bus More...
gpio_t scl_pin
 pin used for SCL More...
gpio_t sda_pin
 pin used for SDA More...
I2C_TypeDef * dev
 USART device used. More...
uint32_t loc
 location of I2C pins
CMU_Clock_TypeDef cmu
 the device CMU channel
IRQn_Type irq
 the devices base IRQ channel
uint32_t speed
 the bus speed
gpio_t scl
 GPIO used as SCL pin. More...
gpio_t sda
 GPIO used as SDA pin. More...
uint32_t addr
 device base address
I2C_Type * i2c
 Pointer to hardware module registers.
uint32_t freq
 I2C module clock frequency, usually CLOCK_BUSCLOCK or CLOCK_CORECLOCK.
IRQn_Type irqn
 IRQ number for this module.
uint32_t scl_pcr
 PORT module PCR setting for the SCL pin.
uint32_t sda_pcr
 PORT module PCR setting for the SDA pin.
lpc23xx_i2c_t * dev
 pointer to the I2C device
uint8_t irq_prio
 priority of the I2C IRQ
uint8_t pinsel_sda
 PINSEL# of the SDA pin.
uint8_t pinsel_scl
 PINSEL# of the SCL pin.
uint32_t pinsel_msk_sda
uint32_t pinsel_msk_scl
NRF_TWI_Type * dev
 hardware device
gpio_t pin_scl
 SCL pin.
gpio_t pin_sda
 SDA pin.
uint8_t ppi
 PPI channel to use.
NRF_TWIM_Type * dev
 TWIM hardware device.
SercomI2cm * dev
 pointer to the used I2C device
gpio_mux_t mux
 alternate function (mux)
uint8_t gclk_src
 GCLK source which supplys SERCOM.
uint8_t flags
 allow SERCOM to run in standby mode
gpio_af_t scl_af
 scl pin alternate function value
gpio_af_t sda_af
 sda pin alternate function value
uint8_t bus
 APB bus.
uint32_t rcc_mask
 bit in clock enable register
uint8_t irqn
 I2C event interrupt number.

Field Documentation

◆ dev

I2C_TypeDef * i2c_conf_t::dev

USART device used.

i2c device

Definition at line 240 of file periph_cpu.h.

◆ scl

gpio_t i2c_conf_t::scl

GPIO used as SCL pin.

SCL pin.

Definition at line 347 of file periph_cpu.h.

◆ scl_pin

gpio_t i2c_conf_t::scl_pin

pin used for SCL

scl pin number

used SCL pin


Definition at line 130 of file periph_cpu.h.

◆ sda

gpio_t i2c_conf_t::sda

GPIO used as SDA pin.

SDA pin.

Definition at line 348 of file periph_cpu.h.

◆ sda_pin

gpio_t i2c_conf_t::sda_pin

pin used for SDA

sda pin number

used MOSI pin


Definition at line 131 of file periph_cpu.h.

◆ speed

i2c_speed_t i2c_conf_t::speed

baudrate used for the bus

i2c bus speed

Bus speed.

bus speed

Configured bus speed, actual speed may be lower but never higher.

I2C speed.

I2C bus speed.

Definition at line 129 of file periph_cpu.h.

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