semtech_loramac_t Struct Reference

Semtech LoRaMAC descriptor. More...

Detailed Description

Semtech LoRaMAC descriptor.

Definition at line 115 of file semtech_loramac.h.

#include <semtech_loramac.h>

Data Fields

mutex_t lock
 loramac access lock
uint8_t tx_pid
 pid of sender thread
uint8_t rx_pid
 pid of receiver thread
uint8_t port
 application TX port
uint8_t cnf
 enable/disable confirmable messages
uint8_t deveui [LORAMAC_DEVEUI_LEN]
 device EUI
uint8_t appeui [LORAMAC_APPEUI_LEN]
 application EUI
uint8_t appkey [LORAMAC_APPKEY_LEN]
 application key
semtech_loramac_rx_data_t rx_data
 struct handling the RX data
semtech_loramac_link_check_info_t link_chk
 link check information

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