sock_dtls Struct Reference

Information about DTLS sock. More...

Detailed Description

Information about DTLS sock.

Definition at line 40 of file sock_dtls_types.h.

#include <sock_dtls_types.h>

Data Fields

dtls_context_t * dtls_ctx
 TinyDTLS context for sock.
 Underlying UDP sock to use.
void * buf_ctx
 Network stack internal buffer context.
sock_dtls_cb_t async_cb
 Asynchronous event callback. More...
void * async_cb_arg
 asynchronous callback arg
sock_async_ctx_t async_ctx
 Asynchronous event context. More...
mbox_t mbox
 Mailbox for internal event handling.
msg_t mbox_queue [SOCK_DTLS_MBOX_SIZE]
 Queue for struct sock_dtls::mbox.
struct {
   uint8_t *   data
 Pointer to the decrypted data.
   size_t   datalen
 data length
   session_t *   session
 Session information.
 Buffer used to pass decrypted data and its session information.
credman_tag_t tag
 Credential tag of a registered (D)TLS credential.
dtls_peer_type role
 DTLS role of the socket.

Field Documentation

◆ async_cb

sock_dtls_cb_t sock_dtls::async_cb

Asynchronous event callback.

Only available if SOCK_HAS_ASYNC is defined

Definition at line 53 of file sock_dtls_types.h.

◆ async_ctx

sock_async_ctx_t sock_dtls::async_ctx

Asynchronous event context.

Only available if SOCK_HAS_ASYNC_CTX is defined

Definition at line 61 of file sock_dtls_types.h.

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