tm Struct Reference

Datatype to represent time. More...

Detailed Description

Datatype to represent time.

Definition at line 33 of file time.h.

#include <time.h>

Data Fields

int tm_sec
 Seconds after the minute [0, 60].
int tm_min
 Minutes after the hour [0, 59].
int tm_hour
 Hours since midnight [0, 23].
int tm_mday
 Day of the month [1, 31].
int tm_mon
 Months since January [0, 11].
int tm_year
 Years since 1900.
int tm_wday
 Days since Sunday [0, 6].
int tm_yday
 Days since January 1st [0, 365].
int tm_isdst
 Daylight saving time is in effect (positive if true, 0 if not, negative if n/a)

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