vfs_mount_struct Struct Reference

A mounted file system. More...

Detailed Description

A mounted file system.

Definition at line 265 of file vfs.h.

#include <vfs.h>

Data Fields

clist_node_t list_entry
 List entry for the _vfs_mount_list list.
const vfs_file_system_tfs
 The file system driver for the mount point.
const char * mount_point
 Mount point, e.g. More...
size_t mount_point_len
 Length of mount_point string (set by vfs_mount)
atomic_int open_files
 Number of currently open files.
void * private_data
 File system driver private data, implementation defined.

Field Documentation

◆ mount_point

const char* vfs_mount_struct::mount_point

Mount point, e.g.


Definition at line 268 of file vfs.h.

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