panic.h File Reference

Crash handling header. More...

Detailed Description

Crash handling header.

Define a core_panic function that allows to stop/reboot the system when an unrecoverable problem has occurred.

Kévin Roussel

Definition in file panic.h.

#include "kernel_defines.h"
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enum  core_panic_t {
 Definition of available panic modes. More...
NORETURN void core_panic (core_panic_t crash_code, const char *message)
 Handle an unrecoverable error by halting or rebooting the system. More...
void panic_arch (void)
 architecture dependent handling of a panic case More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ core_panic_t

Definition of available panic modes.


stack smashing protector failure

Definition at line 34 of file panic.h.

Function Documentation

◆ core_panic()

NORETURN void core_panic ( core_panic_t  crash_code,
const char *  message 

Handle an unrecoverable error by halting or rebooting the system.

A numeric code indicating the failure reason can be given as the crash_code parameter.

Detailing the failure is possible using the message parameter. This function should serve a similar purpose as the panic() function of Unix/Linux kernels.

If the DEVELHELP macro is defined, the system will be halted; the system will be rebooted otherwise.

this function NEVER returns!
[in]crash_codea unique code for identifying the crash reason
[in]messagea human readable reason for the crash
this function never returns

◆ panic_arch()

void panic_arch ( void  )

architecture dependent handling of a panic case

This function gives the CPU the possibility to execute architecture dependent code in case of a severe error.