ccs811_params_t Struct Reference

CCS811 device initialization parameters. More...

Detailed Description

CCS811 device initialization parameters.

Definition at line 93 of file ccs811.h.

#include <ccs811.h>

Data Fields

i2c_t i2c_dev
 I2C device, clock stretching required (default I2C_DEV(0))
uint8_t i2c_addr
 I2C address (default CCS811_I2C_ADDRESS_1)
ccs811_mode_t mode
 measurement mode used (default CCS811_MODE_IDLE)
gpio_t int_pin
 nINT signal pin (default GPIO_PIN(0, 0)
ccs811_int_mode_t int_mode
 interrupt mode used (default CCS811_INT_NONE)
gpio_t wake_pin
 nWAKE signal pin (default GPIO_UNDEF)
gpio_t reset_pin
 nRESET signal pin (default GPIO_UNDEF)

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