tlsf-malloc.h File Reference

TLSF-based global memory allocator. More...

Detailed Description

TLSF-based global memory allocator.

René Kijewski
Juan I Carrano

Definition in file tlsf-malloc.h.

#include <stddef.h>
#include "tlsf.h"
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Data Structures

struct  tlsf_size_container_t
 Struct to hold the total sizes of free and used blocks Used for tlsf_size_walker() More...


void tlsf_size_walker (void *ptr, size_t size, int used, void *user)
 Walk the memory pool to print all block sizes and to calculate the total amount of free and used block sizes. More...
int tlsf_add_global_pool (void *mem, size_t bytes)
 Add an area of memory to the global allocator pool. More...
tlsf_t _tlsf_get_global_control (void)
 Get a pointer to the global tlsf_control block. More...