thread_flags.h File Reference

Thread Flags API. More...

Detailed Description

Thread Flags API.

Kaspar Schleiser

Definition in file thread_flags.h.

#include "sched.h"
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typedef uint16_t thread_flags_t
 Type definition of thread_flags_t.


void thread_flags_set (thread_t *thread, thread_flags_t mask)
 Set thread flags, possibly waking it up. More...
thread_flags_t thread_flags_clear (thread_flags_t mask)
 Clear current thread's flags. More...
thread_flags_t thread_flags_wait_any (thread_flags_t mask)
 Wait for any flag in mask to become set (blocking) More...
thread_flags_t thread_flags_wait_all (thread_flags_t mask)
 Wait for all flags in mask to become set (blocking) More...
thread_flags_t thread_flags_wait_one (thread_flags_t mask)
 Wait for any flags in mask to become set (blocking), one at a time. More...
int thread_flags_wake (thread_t *thread)
 Possibly Wake up thread waiting for flags. More...

reserved thread flags

#define THREAD_FLAG_MSG_WAITING   (1u << 15)
 Set when a message becomes available. More...
#define THREAD_FLAG_TIMEOUT   (1u << 14)
 Set by xtimer_set_timeout_flag() when the timer expires. More...
 Comprehensive set of all predefined flags. More...