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Storage Device Drivers

Drivers for storage devices. More...

Detailed Description

Drivers for storage devices.


 Disk IO Driver
 Low level disk interface.
 MTD address mapper
 Driver for address remap for flash devices.
 MTD wrapper for AT24cxxx family of I2C-EEPROMs
 MTD wrapper for AT24XXX I2C based EEPROMs.
 MTD wrapper for AT25xxx family of SPI-EEPROMs
 MTD wrapper for AT25XXX based SPI EEPROMs.
 MTD wrapper for Flashpage devices
 Driver for internal flash devices implementing flashpage interface.
 MTD wrapper for SAM0 SDHC devices
 Driver for SD Cards connected to the SAM0 SDHC peripheral using the MTD interface.
 MTD wrapper for SD/MMC devices
 Driver for SD Memory Cards and MMCs/eMMCs using the MTD interface.
 MTD wrapper for SPI SD Cards
 Driver for SPI SD Cards using the MTD interface.
 Memory Technology Device
 Low level Memory Technology Device interface.
 Non-volatile RAM
 Non-volatile RAM interface.
 SPI SD Card driver
 Driver for reading and writing SD Cards using the SPI.
 Serial NOR flash
 Driver for serial NOR flash memory technology devices attached via SPI.