Color graphics library for embedded systems

Provides a color graphics library for OLED and LCD displays. More...

Detailed Description

Provides a color graphics library for OLED and LCD displays.

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# Ucglib
## Introduction
[Ucglib]( is a color graphics library for LCDs and OLEDs. It contains both drivers and high-level drawing routines.
The library is originally written for Arduino boards, but it runs just fine on other platforms, as long as the right drivers are available.
## Usage
Just put `USEPKG += ucglib` in your Makefile and `#include "ucg.h"` to your code. Refer to the [Ucglib wiki]( for more information on the API.
## RIOT-OS interface
This package patches the original source to add an interface for RIOT-OS.
Only the callback for SPI peripherals is supported:
* `ucg_com_hw_spi_riotos`
These methods require a structure containing peripheral information (`ucg_riotos_t`), that is set using the `ucg_SetUserPtr` function. This structure contains the peripheral and pin mapping.
If the above interface is not sufficient, it is still possible to write a dedicated interface by (re-)implementing the methods above. Refer to the [Ucglib wiki]( for more information.
### Example
ucg_t ucg;
ucg_riotos_t user_data =
.device_index = SPI_DEV(0),
.pin_cs = GPIO_PIN(PA, 0),
.pin_cd = GPIO_PIN(PA, 1),
.pin_reset = GPIO_PIN(PA, 2)
ucg_SetUserPtr(&ucg, &user_data);
ucg_Init(&ucg, ucg_dev_ssd1331_18x96x64_univision, ucg_ext_ssd1331_18, ucg_com_hw_spi_riotos);
## Virtual displays
For targets without SPI, a virtual display is available. Support for a virtual display is not compiled by default.
* By adding `USEMODULE += ucglib_sdl`, a SDL virtual display will be used. This is only available on native targets that have SDL2 installed. It uses `sdl2-config` to find the headers and libraries. Note that RIOT-OS builds 32-bit binaries and requires 32-bit SDL2 libraries.
### Example
ucg_t ucg;
ucg_Init(&ucg, ucg_sdl_dev_cb, ucg_ext_none, NULL);


file  ucg_riotos.h
 Ucglib driver for interacting with RIOT-OS peripherals.