lua_builtin.h File Reference

Definitions for including built-in modules. More...

Detailed Description

Definitions for including built-in modules.

Juan Carrano

The modules must be placed in the tables lua_riot_builtin_lua_table (for lua source code) and lua_riot_builtin_c_table (for C extensions) and the lengths of these tables must be in lua_riot_builtin_lua_table_len and lua_riot_builtin_c_table_len.

These symbols are defined as weak, so there if they are not defined elsewhere they will default to zero (or NULL), that is, empty tables.

Definition in file lua_builtin.h.

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Data Structures

struct  lua_riot_builtin_lua
 Entry describing a pure lua module whose source is built into the application binary. More...
struct  lua_riot_builtin_c
 Entry describing a c lua module built into the application binary. More...
#define WEAK   __attribute__((weak))
 Attribute to make symbols weak. More...
 Only the first LUAR_MAX_MODULE_NAME characters of a module name will be considered when performing a lookup.
WEAK const struct lua_riot_builtin_lua *const lua_riot_builtin_lua_table
 Table containing all built in pure lua modules.
WEAK const size_t lua_riot_builtin_lua_table_len
 Number of elements of lua_riot_builtin_lua_table.
WEAK const struct lua_riot_builtin_c *const lua_riot_builtin_c_table
 Table containing all built in c lua modules.
WEAK const size_t lua_riot_builtin_c_table_len
 Number of elements of lua_riot_builtin_c_table.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define WEAK   __attribute__((weak))

Attribute to make symbols weak.

This should be made part of RIOT.

Definition at line 38 of file lua_builtin.h.