Support for the STM32L0538-DISCO board. More...

Detailed Description

Support for the STM32L0538-DISCO board.


The STM32L0538-DISCO discovery kit features an ultra low-power stm32l053c8t6 microcontroller with 64KB of FLASH and 8KB of RAM. The board also provides an on-board 2.04" E-paper display (not supported yet).


Supported features

Peripheral Configuration
UARTs USART1 on PA10 (RX), PA9 (TX)
SPIs SPI1 on PB5 (MOSI), PB4 (MISO), PB3 (SCLK); SPI2 on PB15 (MOSI), PB14 (MISO), PB13 (SCLK)

Flashing the board

The board can be flashed using OpenOCD via the on-board ST-Link adapter. Then use the following command:

make BOARD=stm32l0538-disco -C examples/hello-world flash


STDIO is connected to pins PA9 (TX) and PA10 (RX) so an USB to UART adapter is required. Use the term target to open a terminal:

make BOARD=stm32l0538-disco -C examples/hello-world term

If an external ST-Link adapter is used, RX and TX pins can be directly connected to it. In this case, STDIO is available on /dev/ttyACMx (Linux case).


file  board.h
 Board specific definitions for the STM32L0538-DISCO evaluation board.
file  gpio_params.h
 Board specific configuration of direct mapped GPIOs.
file  periph_conf.h
 Peripheral MCU configuration for the STM32L0538-DISCO board.