WeAct-F411CE board

Support for the WeAct-F411CE Board.

Support for the WeAct-F411CE Board.


WeAct-F411CE is a board with the same form-factor as the blue/blackpill, but with an STM32F411CEU6 and a USB-C connector.

It is available on sites like AliExpress for less than 4€.




Family ARM Cortex-M4F
Vendor ST Microelectronics
RAM 128KiB
Flash 512KiB
Frequency up to 100MHz
FPU yes
Timers 8 (2x watchdog, 1 SysTick, 6x 16-bit)
ADCs 1x 12-bit
SPIs 5
I2Cs 3
Vcc 2.0V - 3.6V
Datasheet Datasheet
Reference Manual Reference Manual

Flashing the device

The device comes with a bootloader that allows flashing via dfu-util.

If RIOT is already running on the board, you can upload your RIOT-firmware by typing

make BOARD=weact-f411ce flash

RIOT will make sure to enter the bootloader automatically.

If RIOT crashed or you have the plain board with the stock firmware, you have to enter the bootloader manually.

There are two buttons on the board labeled BOOT0 and NRST.

The board will now show up as 0483:df11 - STM32 BOOTLOADER and will accept firmware using the DFU protocol.

Note:* You need to have write permissions to the device. On Linux you could add yourself to the plugdev group and store the following as /etc/udev/rules.d/99-weact-f411ce.rules:

SUBSYSTEMS=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="0483", ATTRS{idProduct}=="df11", GROUP="plugdev", MODE="660"


stdio is provided through USB CDC ACM so the board can be used without any extra hardware, save for a USB-C cable.